the view from the post-holocene is spectacular!

Now that you’re here with me, shall I try to evince its contours to you?


The only purpose any sapient species must never forget after becoming sapient is the mastery of their environmental relations – establishing and maintaining a regulatable metabolism with their enabling conditions that reproduces or improves those same conditions.

All other purposes are secondary to this –

or all purposes are devoured by time’s gaping maw.

This is the way of things.

This way, and not some other.

Welcome back to the site about being a mass extinction event,

which, if you’re a primate and you’re reading this:

is about you!

These are the conditions for civilizational survival in the post-holocene.

If you’re looking for help freeing your mind from your social conditioning before the Great Filter grinds you into goo, you’re gonna want to go through the matrix from the beginning.

If you’d like my most up-to-date historical analysis, you’ll always find it on the collapse parameters page.

And if you’d rather imagine, for a change – here’s my speculative eco-socialist blueprint. It’s my happy place.

For those of you who think you might have a shot at surviving collapse – please consider taking this site with you. Part of my imaginary target audience has always been the people who come after – trying to explain what happened, what not to do, and what a Post-Holocene civilization might entail.

…I know, I know. It’s just a dream. Very little, if anything, is surviving this. But our future-others are an important structural component of this discourse, so ya. If you like it, take it with you!

Methodological Guidelines

  1. I will assume that the Event has happened (as it is already happening), and write retrospectively from a speculative position after the planetary biosphere collapse we are currently collectively engineering. This is not the same enunciative position as that of the prophet, nor will I be predicting the future – instead, we will be exploring the already-existent conceptual space generated by the mass suicide of Homo-Economicus – the people-of-the-commodity, and the concurrent extermination of most currently existing flora and fauna in the known universe. By doing this, we will be leaving Holocene coordinates behind, and investigating whatever it is that we may become in the Post-Holocene. This will give us the freedom to perform an accurate materialist autopsy on history, which is already bisected by Evental Entropy.
  1. I will write exclusively from and for the interests of the biosphere and the future of humanity, with no bullshit, no magic, no gods, no woo, no folk-psych, no folk-econ, no essentialisms, no idealisms, no moralisms, no utopianisms – as materialist as I can possibly get. Which is all to say – absolutely no liberalisms whatsoever. Not even one!
  1. There will be exactly one limitation on what I can say, write, or think – I will never mention names unless I am talking about a public figure. Otherwise, I will not censor myself at all for the sake of any feels anywhere, and will be doing the ruthless and relentless critique of every goddamn existing thing starting and ending with myself. This is a truth-seeking project. Truths are inherently exclusive, divisive, partisan, non-neutral, and they don’t give a shit about our feels. No sacred cow shall remain unskewered. It’s going to be a bloodbath. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!
  1. I will address you, the reader, as if you were a subject capable of hearing a universalist address. You should be able to do this simply because you’re already in a universalist discourse-space whether you’re aware of it or not. Our minds rely on some dimension of universalist signification as a pre-condition for their emergence – we are each of us always already in a ‘We’ before there is an ‘I’, and there is no escape from this. Human sapience is a network of socio-symbolic relations between brains, not a magical substance inside of a brain. For these and many more reasons, I will be including you (and everyone) in my ‘We’. You’re going to have to deal with it.
  1. I will try to write as clearly and simply as a I can, and to keep everything as short as possible. This is really hard, cuz I’m trying to simplify complex shit.
  1. All the content herein is contingent, provisional, and under permanent revision. The critique goes on forever. If I’m wrong, when I figure it out I’ll fix it, and also post why and how I was wrong on a new ongoing self-crit page.

This time around, I’ll leave some comments open, for funsies. And if you wanna harrass me in private, you can email me at, or hit me up on twitter.

Let the war on the present from the future in the realm of the concept commence!

this is the first 5-sigma weather event. 1/17 mil chance of this ever happening – in the holocene, that is. remember the holocene?

this all goes to a great place, fo sho. an economist told me so!

phytomass depletion. kinda need it lol.

carrying capacity overshoot is mediated and produced by social relations. the sooner your country’s overshoot day, the better off the universe will be without it.

i haven’t quite figured out where this goes yet. the bar on the right is the sum of the rest – so prolly somewhere good, right?

9 planetary boundaries. framework discussed here. ‘climate change’ is only one aspect of the biosphere collapse we are currently collectively engineering.

so many wasted words, so many lies just to cover up this brutal, stupid truth –

it’s eco-socialism or extinction kids.

nom nom nom.

the energy cliff. wind and solar suck hard. nuclear was always the way. too bad we didn’t build much. not profitable!

there are, in fact – limits to growth.

abstract time was always a countdown timer.

even if it wasn’t an extinction level event, capitalism has always just been a machine for murdering poors.

zoom zoom.

this is arable land, or housing for the homeless. these people dump fresh water on it so they can play games while the world burns.

the communist exigency was there the whole time.

the eco-communist exigency preceded us, it generated us, it will outlast us, and it will confront other sapient emergences after us as just this and nothing more: the indisputable absolute threshold for continued existential self-justification.

posad shrugged.

we eat the future.

blink & you’ll miss it