Towards a Scientific Covid Concept

This is just gonna be a place where I post about the ongoing Sars-Cov2 clusterfuck. Nothing special.

Here’s an online compendium of covid studies

+ a relevant substack to support my argument.

Let’s get right to the thing itself – Sars-Cov2 is bad enough that it could cripple/kill 100s of millions, even billions of people, all by its lonesome. It’s not a cold, not a flu – the only existing analog we have as a basis of comparison for this thing is (wait for it) – HIV-AIDS! Yep, this thing eats immune systems for breakfast while melting your vascular system and everything connected to it (thats *checks notes* – your entire body) and the damage accumulates over multiple infections! Also – the newest variants escape almost all our existing immune capture and we’re giving it the perfect petri dish to continue evolving against our crumbling defenses.

‘Mild’, my ass. There is no such thing as a ‘mild’ case of Covid.

#Zerocovid remains the only rational, humanist response to this crisis, and instead we’re getting ‘to each their own’: a swarming horde of oblivious maskless zombies, already too brain damaged to realize that getting various strains of Covid multiple times a year is going to make them covegetables eventually.

China has gotten this right from the beginning, and the collapse of their mighty #Zerocovid effort would make things exponentially worse.

25k cases at the top of their highest wave – the USA is never below 400k with 25% of China’s population.

This is now officially a mass disabling event, and despite the vicious normalcy-reifying denial from the death-cult, is not over, has never been worse, and stands to get far, far worse than anybody is imagining.

So lemme actually do some math for a change. Here’s my covid numbers: ~22m dead, ~150m disabled. (I should probably source these, it’s just the last figures I saw that I trust). That’s ~.25% of the world’s population covidead, and ~1.875% disabled – after ~36 months.

This is extremely bad.

If this rate holds, with a doubling time of 2 and half years – in 5 years 3.7% disabled, 7.5% in 10 years, 15% in 20.

That’s 1.2 billion covegetables by 2042 – assuming the world-system (and billions of humans) still exist then.

To caveat these simplistic estimates: the Covid toll could well accelerate. People who have already had it multiple times will be teetering on the edge of the long-covid cliff by now. It is highly unlikely that the rate will go down, given that we’re doing practically nothing about it anymore, the newest variants are scary as fuck, there’s no such thing as ‘natural’, ‘hybrid’, ‘herd’, or pretty much any kind of long term immunity to a coronavirus that mutates this fast (and damages your immune system to boot) and there is absolutely no reason that it will or should be expected to evolve to become milder. (This only happens when our collective immune systems win the fight, which they are decidedly not in this case). I’m also not taking population growth or any other population variable into account here.

‘natural immunity’ this, minimizers!

Nonetheless, even if we just repeat the same covid trends as the last 3 years (‘endemicity’) for a little while, we will be living in a vastly changed world. It’s almost impossible to imagine a plague worse than this: just slow and ‘mild’ enough for our ruling classes to decide it’s not worth dealing with, doing its work over the course of multiple exposures that may not seem like a big deal by themselves if you don’t know any better.

It expertly exploits the temporal and causal blindness of essentialists, the myopia and narcissism of idealists, the hyperspecialization of the capitalist division of labor, the resulting lack of critical thinking skills and generalist education, the hypocrisy of moralists, the crypto-fascist indifference of anti-humanists and nihilists – all the groupthink conformity of liberal programming. Getting these people to do something for the greater good in solidarity with their fellow humans is like trying to herd cats, and they lack the conceptual apparati to even begin to grok the threat.

“Put on face panties to protect myself and others?

Don’t tell me what to do!”

It’s just as deadly an ideological virus as a biophysical one, almost as if it were specifically designed to target every debilitating weakness of commodified subjectivity.

We are looking at the increasingly likely emergence of a Covid supervirus – something that combines hyper-infectiousness with organ damage and immunocompromization – keeping its victims ‘alive’, but dumber and weaker, thereby maximizing covegetable spread. Other maladies + the collapse of medical systems will do the killing – but don’t discount the possibility of a variant with massive lethality either.

not even once.

As we continue down this path, the covert structural eugenics in the minimizer narrative will have to become overt, as billions of covegetables get mulched into fertilizer to lessen the strain on our collapsing economies. The Nazis did this to disabled survivors of the 1918 flu pandemic – ‘naturally’ helping ‘nature’ thin the herd.

And that’s why reifying ‘nature’ is bad for you, kids. Nature fetishism is one of the fundamental components of fascism, and this has never been easier to figure out. There’s nothing necessary or ‘natural’ about the eugenicist democide that’s being imposed on us, regardless of the ultimate origin of this virus. It does not matter if it was made in a lab or not! It’s an emergent property of the capitalist metabolism regardless – just as ‘artificial’ as it is ‘natural’. It’s how it is functioning within the existing constellation of interests that counts – and it is functioning as a eugenicist’s wet dream.

Fuck ‘nature’, and fuck health fascists. Every single data point and concept the minimizers have at their disposal (fucking, ‘immunity debt’ lmfao you cannot make this stuff up) is just self-serving magical wish fulfillment – all in the name of play-pretend ‘normal’. These people have been wrong about everything, the entire time, and lack the honesty, education, long-term memory and critical thinking skills necessary to even consider alternative perspectives, let alone admit that they’re wrong.

Which, they are, and will continue to be.

Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and minimizers have made it extremely clear that they do not give a rat’s ass about anybody but themselves, and no amount of blood for the blood god/skulls for the skull throne will ever be enough. They want you disabled, riddled with failing organs, melting into a covid puddle – and they will laugh in your face while it happens, refering back to ‘nature’ or ‘God’ or whatever master-sig they can pull out of their ass to deflect any responsibility or blame. (Or they’ll pin it on the ‘jab’, ignoring the fact that vaccines are just little bits of inert covid spike proteins in a scawy needle).

They are willing to annihilate an entire biosphere to maintain their ‘my life’s, didja think you were somehow exempt?


You should be wearing an N95 or better (+ eye protection if you really want to approach 100% Covid-shield) anytime you walk into any enclosed public space. Outside too for that matter. When in doubt, masking is always the right option. And if practicing the science loses you friends, good! Covid minimizers aren’t friends to anybody, not even themselves.

And like, fuck it – they’re all gonna be covegetables soon anyways, right?

Mask discipline has a ton of other benefits apart from covid protection – respirator masks with a decent seal filter our poisonous atmosphere (9 million a year die from air pollution!), they shield you from facial recognition, they look cool, they inspire well deserved fear, confusion, and anxiety in the minimizers, they stand in solidarity with the people being oppressed, crippled, and slaughtered by the minimizer narrative, they proclaim scientific literacy and social responsibility, they practice courage and non-conformity – and they even keep your face warm!

In fact, there are almost zero downsides to adopting mask discipline (barring stuff like deaf people being unable to lip read – which does suck, but not as much as getting covid!), which makes anti-masker bullshit even more pathetic, self-serving, and stupid.

Nothing says ‘the holocene is over’ more than a half-mask respirator with goggles.

#maskup motherbitches. Masks work, good masks work better, and you don’t want to ever get this thing – not even once.

oh ya – and get your boosters. but don’t rely on them exclusively! they’re already generations behind the mutation rate, their efficacy wanes over time, and they’re not sterilizing vaccines – not that you should ever have expected them to be. they do however reduce transmission, symptom intensity, and your chances of long-covid complications – so they’re a damn sight better than nothing. what risks there are are minimal, and anything that the vaccines can do to you covid can do way worse!