Towards a Scientific Covid Concept

“the worms will live in every host

it’s hard to pick which one they eat the most!”


This is just gonna be a place where I post an evolving systematic analysis of the ongoing SARS-CoV2 clusterfuck.1 As an attempt at a scientific concept – this is medical advice,2 along with epistemological and ontological critique, partisan political analysis, and a Post-Holocene ethical framework.

Read at your own level of risk tolerance. =D

Let’s get right to the thing itself – SARS-CoV2 could cripple/kill 100s of millions, even billions of people, all by its lonesome. It’s not a cold, not a flu – the closest analog we have as a basis of comparison for this thing is (wait for it) – HIV-AIDS! Yep, this thing ages T-cells decades and screws up B-cell regulation – while also damaging your vascular system and everything connected to it,3 and effects accumulate over multiple infections.

So y’know – worse than HIV, which can take decades to generate AIDS, isn’t airborne, and doesn’t do cumulative damage to your vascular system.

And of course – the newest variants escape almost all our existing immune capture, we’re giving it the perfect petri dish to continue evolving against our crumbling defenses, and we have a finite capacity for immune capture adaptations.

Don’t forget – it’s airborne!

‘Mild’, my ass. There is no such thing as a ‘mild’ case of ‘covid’.

It’s a civilizational existential threat!

As if we didn’t have enough of that shit going around already.

Every time you contract SARS-CoV2, you are playing russian roulette with long term organ damage – including your brain and your genitals. Your chances of heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, and cancer all skyrocket. Years are taken off your lifespan. You are more vulnerable to all kinds of other pathogens. A non-zero percentage of your brain cells are gone forever.

And each N+1 time you contract SARS-CoV2, there is one more round in the cylinder.

And it doesn’t matter how old you are, or how ‘healthy’ you are, or how many shots you get, or how many herbal concoctions you stuff yourself with, or how ‘mild’ an initial infection period may seem. Everyone is getting repeatedly covid-damaged; tending inexorably towards long-covid disablement, or dropping dead from the slightest exertion – or both!

it’s a level 3 biohazard.

this is what scientists wear to handle level 3 biohazards.

Human beings cannot co-exist with SARS-CoV2

not forever, anyways. One of us has to win!

#zerocovid remains the only rational, humanist response to this crisis, and instead we’re getting ‘to each their own’ = a swarm of oblivious maskless zombies, already too brain damaged to realize that getting various strains of SARS-CoV2 multiple times a year is going to make them covegetables eventually.

China got this right from the beginning, but the collapse of their mighty #zerocovid effort has made the situation exponentially worse. This is a heinous betrayal of the interests of the chinese masses by the CPC, who are now apparently trying to replicate the situation in the West, spreading actual minimizer agitprop. Conveniently, they have also changed their definition of a covid-death, joining the rest of the world in Just Not Counting It Because We Have Excluded It From Our Concepts.

It’s just a terrible look, Comrade Xi, is what it is. There are a ton of thresholds between ‘zero covid by any means necessary’4 and ‘fatalities are a part of life’ liberalism!

Maybe he got the covidyceps brainworms too?5

communism is humanity’s immune system. uncountable lives saved. one of the most immense logistical efforts ever attempted. the healthcare triumph of the 21c, few feats greater in all of human history. even now that it has fallen, it will still never not be legendary. everybody in this gif is a superhero! imagine living in a country that even attempts to do vanguard things.

its loss is an unspeakable tragedy, for both the chinese masses and humanity. at least I still have DPRK, the last #zerocovid country left standing!6

As 1.4 billion betrayed chinese citizens begin to learn exactly what ‘living with covid’ actually means, I’m anticipating a huge worldwide wave and many new mutations of note.7

SARS-CoV2 is now a mass disabling event, a harbringer of extinction, and despite the vicious normalcy-reifying denial from the imperialist metropoli – is not over, has never been worse, and stands to get far worse than anybody is imagining.

this is what ‘covid is over’ means in america’s dumbest hat: canada. numbers higher at the end of 2022 than the peaks of the first three waves, when we shut down fucking sportsball. not pictured: long covid fallout, everything that isn’t being counted because we stopped paying people to count, and the huge covid-induced explosion of other illnesses – illnesses we could also be driving to extinction with proven public health mitigation measures like respiratory masks, air ventilation, far-UV purification, contact tracing, quarantines and widespread vaccine adoption. we’re already extinction machines, why the hell can’t we extinct some critters that actually have it coming for once?

we have the tools!

no one could have forseen this.

this is fine.

So lemme actually do some math for a change. Here’s my covid numbers: ~22m dead, ~150m disabled worldwide.8 That’s ~.25% of the world’s population covidead, and ~1.875% disabled – after ~30ish months.

For those of you who think that these numbers are trivial,9 I will instead insist that these numbers are terrible.

If this rate holds, with a doubling time of 2 and half years – in 5 years 3.7% disabled, 7.5% in 10 years, 15% in 20.

That’s 1.2 billion covegetables by 2042 – assuming the world-system (and billions of humans) still exist then.

To caveat these simplistic estimates: the SARS-CoV2 toll could well accelerate. People who have already had it multiple times will be teetering on the edge of the long-covid cliff by now. It is highly unlikely that the rate of disablement will go down, given that we’re doing practically nothing about it anymore, the newest variants are scary as fuck, there’s no such thing as ‘natural’, ‘hybrid’, ‘herd’, or pretty much any kind of long term immunity10 to a coronavirus that mutates this fast (and damages your immune system to boot) and there is absolutely no reason that it will or should be expected to evolve to become milder.11 I’m also not taking population growth or any other population variable into account here,12 and there are some positive counter-tendencies too.13

‘natural immunity’ as a concept only makes sense if you’re an essentialist, and ‘herd immunity’ only makes sense as an extension of these premises. sars-cov2 is a stochastic multiplicity evolving in dialectical combat with our collective immune systems. nobody gets the same virus twice! no instance of the virus is not different from every other! it mutates when it transfers to a new host! it mutates when it invades a new cell! you can’t get much ‘natural immunity’ to something that only exists as a rapidly evolving continuum, present as a persistent holistic self-identical univocality precisely nowhere – especially when it is evolving against our collective immune systems in the first place.

our immune systems are always behind, always reacting instead of attacking, and getting it is exactly what you want to avoid in the first place. there is absolutely no conceivable benefit to getting sars-cov2 – not now, not ever! anybody who tells you this can no longer be trusted or taken seriously. the goal (if you value your persistent reproduction as a teleological organism and its quality thereof) is the least amount of viral load exposure as you can possibly manage for the rest of your shortass life on this dead planet. thirty-one submutations a year and accelerating! any successful sterilizing vaccine push would also have to be fast.

And so anyways taking all of this into account, even if we just repeat similar covid trends as the last 3 years (‘endemicity’) for a little while, we will be living in a world with an accelerating percentage of the population disabled, and way higher rates of death from other ailments. (sound familiar?) After a while there will just be no more people alive over 60, and we have damaged the immune systems of an entire generation of children – something I’m sure they’ll thank us for as they ride off into the wasteland.

Between now and then – everything is going to keep getting dumber.

Left on its current trajectory, SARS-CoV2 could well bring down the world-system itself eventually – although the downstream feedback loops will prolly get us first. Entire industries will hit workforce desaturation tipping points and just collapse, taking supply chains with them. Vast amounts of information and expert technical knowledge will be lost. Schools will become unable to pretend to be functional.14 Medical systems will stop endlessly overloading and instead just stop happening.

Economies are made of economic relations between people. Kinda need the people part – capitalists are always forgetting this for some strange reason. Accumulation for accumulation’s sake and all of its enabling adjacent institutions require a flexible, minimally functional pool of labor power in order to reproduce themselves – not a herd of frightened, sick, brainwashed animals being culled in slow-motion for no other reason than that capital finds it cheaper and easier than any alternative.

There never was a normal.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a plague worse than this. Massively contagious, rapidly mutational, a huge combinatorial space for modifications, airborne, immunocompromizing, not immediately lethal – these are the perfect starting stats for a viral victory lap. It seems just slow and ‘mild’ enough for our ruling classes to decide it’s not worth dealing with, doing its work over the course of multiple exposures that may not seem like a big deal by themselves if you don’t know any better, emerging into a space in social reproduction where you’re damned if you do anything and and damned if you don’t. Right in the pocket of the liberal memory hole – an air shot.

It expertly exploits the temporal and causal blindness of essentialists, the myopia and narcissism of idealists,15 the hyperspecialization of the capitalist division of labor, the resulting lack of critical thinking skills and generalist education, the hypocrisy of moralists, the crypto-fascist indifference of anti-humanists and nihilists – all the groupthink conformity of liberal programming. Getting these people to do something for the greater good in solidarity with their fellow humans is like trying to herd cats, and they lack the conceptual apparati to even begin to grok the threat.

“Put on face panties to protect myself and others?”

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

It’s just as deadly an ideological virus as a biophysical one, almost as if it were specifically designed to target every debilitating weakness of commodified subjectivity.

Which, it wasn’t – no bio-engineer has that much foresight. Yet it is still remarkable how totally we have failed this test of evolutionary fitness. SARS-CoV2 is one of the biggest reasons why I’m 99% a doomer these days – our response to it is some pretty conclusive evidence that we are just not cut out for sapience. It’s not just that a majority of human beings alive today don’t understand what SARS-CoV2 actually is, it’s that a majority of humans alive today can’t understand what SARS-CoV2 actually is, because such an understanding necessitates thinking against the grain of habitual reproduction of capitalist social relations. If you are locked into ‘nature’ reification you will be unable to do this. And if you’re hooked into the capitalist ideological libidinal matrix, you just won’t want to.

Our comrades in the disabled community are very familiar with this kind of blindness from ableists, who do not understand that being able-bodied is a temporary part of being alive.

Especially after SARS-CoV2.

Returning to an imaginary past doesn’t work, and the ‘new normal’ of minimization eugenics is mired so deeply in denial and self-deception that it is incapable of noticing the positive aspect of the Covid-Event. The emergence of a virus like this in our conditions has been predicted for decades – an inevitable result of capitalist functioning. Now that it’s finally here, we have been handed an incredible opportunity to stop for a bit and recalibrate, to shut down non-essentials, to turn the machine down and think about what we’re doing. Instead, we did a few token months of pretending we gave a shit, learned nothing – and are now desperately clinging to a facade of idealist myopia, normalcy bias, and media-reinforced denial.

Unfortunately for poor ‘normal’-fetishizing normies – the Covid-Event is irreversible. It slices right across the busted liberal social contract, clearly exposing its obsoletion. Not only is ‘normal’ never coming back – doing ‘to each their own’ in the face of a totality threat16 is just anonymous mass murder with more plausible deniability and fewer steps. Capitalism has never not been a totality threat – no wonder it has turned out to be utterly incapable of responding to them.

It’s not just that ‘to each their own’ while under assault by a totality threat is a crime against humanity (as we’re starting to find out), it’s that ‘to each their own’ while being forced to reproduce capitalist social relations has always been a crime against humanity!

How bout them contradictions?

We have been living in a state of exception for 6+ centuries now.

So SARS-CoV2 is an historical emergence, an event-in-the-Event, and as such has implications at the level of world history for any universality. It is a messenger – not unlike emTme3. The message isn’t hard to figure out, as it is nothing but the imperative of the Post-Holocene in viral form:

adapt or die.

We’re not adapting.

Instead, we are creating the conditions for the increasingly likely emergence of a SARS-CoV2 supervirus – something that combines hyper-infectiousness and immunocompromization with increased lethality. Right now it’s keeping its victims ‘alive’, but dumber and weaker, thereby maximizing covegetable spread. Other maladies + the collapse of medical systems are doing a lot of the killing thus far – but the length of this disease means we really have no idea what the fatality rate even is yet. The virus can stay in your vascular system-or-adjacent for years! It’s possible that everyone who gets covid dies from it eventually17 – just on the long-covid timescale.

Even if it itself has a low (slow?) lethality rate now – this is no guarantee that it always will, and this virus is capable of kiting all of our existing immune responses for basically ever. It also makes you vulnerable to all kinds of other nasty shit – and can combine with other diseases in ways we can’t predict or forsee. A more lethal (faster?) variant eventually emerging against an oblivious, apathetic, and immunocompromized population seems almost inevitable.

But even without this immediately adjacent potential emergent escalation, dying from an encounter with SARS-Cov2 already is one of the best possible outcomes!


no thank you.

not even once.

I’m going to reiterate this again because it’s really important and nobody gets it: getting covid once doesn’t mean you have a magic covid shield; it means you have a temporary antibody boost against one small segment of the viral cluster, your T-cells have been exhausted/destroyed, your B-cells disregulated, and you REALLY don’t want to get it again – or anything else anytime soon. You can absolutely just get another variant immediately after infection (or vaccination). The contagion space is contingent and probabilistic – you can only reduce your rate of viral load exposure by as many orders of magnitude as possible, not eliminate it.

Which – all the more reason to be trying to do so!

One of the shitty concepts minimizers reify is a crude metaphor of immune systems as some kind of muscle. As far as crude metaphors go, immune systems are more like a database – a database of every microbe your body has ever encountered. When a new microbe enters your body, the database activates, tests the microbe, and the information learned is stored in the system for future encounters. If harmless/neutralized, the immune system goes back to its default ‘sleep/sentinel’ mode. It only has to stay active if it doesn’t have a good strategy for countering a pathogenic invasion.

You want a database that accomplishes its tasks quickly and efficiently, not one that’s backed up doing busy work. ‘Exercising’ a database is just running pointless processing cycles, slowing the system down, delaying and degrading functioning. Unlike a muscle, an information database doesn’t get ‘stronger’ the more you ‘exercise’ it. The only way immune systems are comparable to muscles is that they both get worn out from overuse and need time to recharge.18

The ideal immune system is one that is almost never turned ‘on’, one that works in the ‘background’ seemlessly, with a huge microbe library to draw on and an overwhelming countermeasure advantage against any invader.

Getting a pathogen, any pathogen, does not help with this. We are always exchanging millions of microbes with our environment no matter what we do. Any extra immunity gain from direct pathogen exposure is just dumb luck – never something to actively pursue. Pathogens can kill you or fuck you up for life. Immune responses to pathogens – which are by definition inadequate – can kill you or fuck you up for life.

Taking measures to reduce pathogen exposure in your microbe mix is and will remain a really easy way to not get sick and also not-die.19 Any possible beneficial outcome of a pathogen encounter is far outweighed by unnecessary risk.20

With the very basics of germ theory out of the way21 – you need to be taking even more precautions if you’ve had covid already. Each N+1 encounter emerges against your already weakened immune system, and has cumulative (and unpredictable) long term effects. The human body can only tolerate a finite amount of SARS-CoV2 viral load exposure. Even the people who are apparently immune now22 won’t necessarily remain that way in the face of something this adaptable and flexible.

As we continue down this path, the covert structural eugenics in the minimizer narrative will have to become overt, as millions of covegetables get mulched into fertilizer to lessen the strain on our collapsing economies. The Nazis did this to disabled survivors of the 1918 flu pandemic – ‘naturally’ helping ‘nature’ ‘thin the herd’.

And that’s why reifying ‘nature’ is bad for you, kids. Nature fetishism is one of the fundamental components of fascism, and this has never been easier to figure out. There’s nothing necessary or ‘natural’ about the eugenicist democide that’s being imposed on us, regardless of the ultimate origin of this virus. It does not matter if it was made in a lab or not! It’s an emergent process from/within the capitalist metabolism regardless – just as ‘artificial’ as it is ‘natural’. It’s how it is functioning within the existing constellation of interests and concrete conditions that counts – and it is functioning as a eugenicist’s wet dream.

Fuck nature, but there’s no such thing so specifically fuck health fascists.23 Covid minimizers, anti-maskers, and anti-vaxxers have no case, no argument, no strategy – just a lot of blood on their hands. Every concept and datapoint at their disposal24 is just magical wish fulfillment embedded in self-serving rationalizations – all in the name of play-pretend ‘normal’. These people have been wrong about everything, the entire time, and lack the honesty, education, long-term memory and critical thinking skills necessary to even initiate autocritique of their own perspectives, let alone admit that they’re wrong.

Which, they are, and will continue to be – over a mountain of corpses and zombies.


if you can tag yourself here, you are an illiterate ruling class stooge, actively contributing to disabling and killing your fellow humans.

Covid minimizers have discovered the secret to not getting sick: getting really sick – and they think you should too! In our conditions this means they actively want you to get an airborne immunocompromizing syncytial vascular biohazard, and there is no shitty boogbacked study, garbage dataset, or pathetic pre-scientific rationale they will not attempt to wield to make sure you do. They want you crippled, riddled with failing organs, melting into a covid puddle – and they will laugh in your face while it happens, refering back to ‘god’ or ‘nature’ or ‘health’ or ‘economy’ or whatever atavistic master-sig they can pull out of their asses to deflect any responsibility or blame.25

No amount of blood for the blood gods or skulls for the skull throne will ever be enough.

Number must go up, normal must reproduce itself – and so covid must be normalized.

They even have the gall to consider themselves ‘freethinkers’ while they mindlessly regurgitate the ruling class line, spreading brainworms along with biohazards.26

I mean – it is an extinction death cult I guess.

Didja think you were somehow exempt?

You should be wearing an FFP2 respirator equivalent or upgrade (+ eye protection if you really want to approach 100% covid-shield) anytime you walk into any enclosed public space.27 Outside too for that matter. When in doubt, masking is always the right option. You can only trust your respirator. And if practicing the science loses you friends, good!

Covid minimizers are friends to nobody, not even themselves.

Mask discipline has a ton of other benefits apart from covid protection – respirator masks with a decent seal filter our poisonous atmosphere,28 they shield you from facial recognition, they look cool, they inspire well deserved fear, confusion, and anxiety in the minimizers, they stand in solidarity with the people being oppressed, crippled, and slaughtered by the minimizer narrative, they proclaim scientific literacy and social responsibility, they practice courage and non-conformity – and they even keep your face warm!

Minimizers love anecdotes so here’s mine: the first time I put one on in 2020 I realized – oh, damn. I’m an idiot and I should have been doing this all along. Protect myself + protect others + stop the spread of all kinds of nasty shit + facial recognition blocking? The impossibly rare action that could approach win/win/win sometimes? Why the hell wasn’t I doing this before? Why didn’t anybody tell me or show me? I’m embarrassed that I had to be told to do what is so obviously, in hindsight, something we all could and therefore, should have been doing the whole time.

I had to be told to do it at first, but being told to do it gave me the concept. Once was all it took for me to realize that masking was in fact, cool and good and awesome, something I was now gonna do forever because there were simply no good reasons not to do so. It’s just so little effort for so much benefit – a common courtesy I will extend to everyone I can for no other reason than that I can.

It didn’t matter that SARS-CoV2 was obviously not going anywhere anytime soon – even without it, masking would still be good practice.

Especially after the Holocene.

I have since exhaustively poured over minimizer discursive production, and still have yet to find any good reason not to adopt mask discipline.29 No matter how many misleading, decontextualized, horrendously unethical RCTs30 the minimizers fling at the wall –

every masked breath you take,

even through cloth or surgical masks (the worst tools for the job),

reduces your potential/actual viral load intake/spread by a non-zero percentage,

and this is just basic particle physics.

Imagine, having to be told to do the easy, objectively death-and-disablement-reducing thing to do more than once,

and still considering oneself an adult deserving of respect.

Even if masks provided just a fraction of the concrete mitigation they actually do, they would still be an objectively virtuous practice.

Even slightly reducing the chances of infecting somebody else would be worth it.

As it stands, they are an absolutely 100% necessary tool in this fight – although not enough by themselves. SARS-CoV2 and humanity cannot co-exist – so we will all have to learn to mask eventually, or die trying I guess. Even a sterilizing omnivaccine would need to be distributed by a motivated workforce to a willing population – functional organs not optional.

Fortunately, there are few downsides to adopting mask discipline.31 Yes, they will have a cultural impact – a positive one. Yes, social life will change forever. But we are the last of us – this is the change, and we are being poured through a covid-grater (with holes about the size of your missing N95) into a black hole. We will all be experiencing change beyond our wildest nightmares in our expected lifetimes anyways. And the sooner we all start masking, the sooner we will be able to put them down again one day.

We will find ways to adapt – because we have to. That’s what we’re here to do.

Nothing says ‘the holocene is over’ more than a half-mask respirator with goggles.

Other components of #zerocovid mitigation strats32 include HEPA air-purifiers, creating negative pressure environments, structuring a social bubble with scientifically literate people who give a shit, carbon dioxide alarms, a stash of tests,33 far-UV lights, social distancing,34 hand sanitizing35 – and paxlovid, if you can find some. Of the existing treatments, it seems to be the one with repeatable beneficial results. Can make your initial infection period much shorter and easier. I have no idea if this mitigates against long-covid damage – have seen some results that suggest it does, which makes sense in a ‘less viral load is always better’ kinda way.

The boosters do tho!36 but don’t rely on them exclusively. They’re already generations behind the mutation rate, their efficacy wanes over time, and they’re not sterilizing vaccines – not that you should ever have expected them to be.37 They do however reduce transmission, symptom intensity, immediate mortality, and your chances of long-covid complications – so they’re a damn sight better than nothing. What risks there are are minimal, and anything the vaccines can do to you – covid does way worse!

But in the last instance – a fitted respirator mask is the best tool you or anybody else has to decrease your exposure to an immunocompromizing vascular biohazard being used as a democidal weapon against you by our ruling classes. If you are having difficulty understanding why you do not want to get or spread an immunocompromizing vascular biohazard – then it seems your covid brain damage has already kicked in!38

The second best tool you have is to convince others to mask. They’re more effective by an entire order of magnitude when everybody wears them!

What other reason do you need?


The personal choice is whether or not to be a responsible member of your species.

I didn’t have zombifying biohazards on my collapse bingo card, but here we are.

Welcome to #covidforever.

Just getting started.


  1. Here’s an online compendium of covid studies + Pandemic Responsibility Index’s database + a relevant raindrop database to support my argument. Also helpful supplementary material – #covidisairborne, The People’s CDC, the Something Awful cspam covid thread, and articles: ‘The Case for Mask Mandates‘, ‘Let Them Eat Plague‘, ‘We’re All Playing Covid Roulette‘.

  2. I am confident that, even though I am not a medical specialist, my generalist materialist framework (something medical specialists lack) + strict adherence to the precautionary principle (something a lot of medical specialists also apparently lack) are not going to hurt anybody.

  3. That’s *checks notes* – oh damn your entire body eh?

  4. Not that they really did this, given their vaccination rates.

  5. I jest. Covidyceps isn’t a thing. (Isn’t it?) We all know it’s because bending and gaping for capital is what Dengists do best. (Actually, it’s because the rest of the world abandoned them. Liberals did this).

  6. told ya that was the safest place on earth left to be didn’t I?

  7. The current wave of XBB 1.5 ravaging North America actually originated in New York, not China – highly vaccinated dense urban populations who have stopped any other covid precautions are going to generate a lot more of these bad boys.

  8. Wiki has links to sources that claim up to ~24m dead. The disabled number is an estimate based on applying approximate LC-rates to survey and covid infection case data. I am rolling with the assumption that a lot of the ‘official’ stats in the West are severely undercounted due to a variety of factors – lack of resources, ideological resistance, (minimizer ‘doctors’ basically won’t admit covid exists, and actively suppress stat collection) general dysfunctionality and incompetence being among them.

  9. Hundreds of millions of human lives dismissed with a handwave, that. ‘Only’ 1% lethal! How many holocaust’s-worth of corpse-mounds are enough to qualify for your concern?

  10. This includes the chimera of ‘fully vaccinated’ – you’re not. Nobody is. It’s not a thing!

  11. This only happens when our collective immune systems win the fight, which they are decidedly not in this case – because they can’t.

  12. I should mention the possibility that we will be able to create a sterilizing omnivaccine – there are nonzero chances of this. But with a population already covid-damaged and mainlining minimizer agitprop, how are we gonna do another vaccine push?

  13. Long covid damage isn’t necessarily permanent, and treatment options are still in a very primitive stage. Unfortunately, the second anybody who has minimally recovered from LC tries to ‘live their life’, they will be forced out in the new normal of eugenics hell and just get it all over again.

  14. Turns out you can’t do much teaching when a majority of your students are sick all the time.

  15. Entire continents of people thinking they can just pretend a plague away has got to be peak idealism.

  16. Like SARS-CoV2, or, y’know – extinction events.

  17. Or ‘with’ it, as if this distinction matters in the slightest.

  18. Another enormous benefit of public vaccination is that it gives our immune systems more down time.

  19. Wash your hands. Brush your teeth. Get your shots. Wear a mask.

  20. Additional benefits – not being a disease vector.

  21. The fact that I even need to do this is an indictment of our educational system at every level and a landmark for just how much we have epistemologically collapsed as a civilization.

  22. There is a specific gene that helps here – the G allele Rs10774671 at OAS1 is associated with better SARS-CoV2 immune response. And if you have a map of your genome, you can see if you have this allele by submitting your genetic information to the folks over at Promethease for a small processing fee.

    The best covid news I’ve heard maybe ever is that approximately 10% of the population have this allele. Hooray! (Note that even if you have this genetic structure, this is still absolutely no excuse not to wear your fucking face panties. You are still a plague vector for others, even if you’re highly resistant or even immune.)

  23. They have even taken to calling themselves ‘purebloods’ (sic).

  24. Fucking, ‘immunity debt’, fr, you cannot make it up.

  25. Or ‘nature’ forbid the possibility of a self-critical moment.

  26. There’s too many of these grotesque deathmongering fuckweasels out there to swat them all but ima call some out anyways: anything or anyone associated with the Brownstone Institute or the ‘Great Barrington Declaration‘ should be avoided at all costs. They are eugenicists all, this flows from their root level conceptual assumptions, purging the subhumans is a feature, not a bug – they just think that by selling out they’ll be safe from the dieoff, is all. THEY WANT YOU TO DIE!!!

  27. I know some peeps can’t afford decent respirators. Shit should be a public service but we can’t have nice things because we suck at making revolution. If you are reading this and cannot afford respirators, DM me on Twitter and I will personally order you some. Also check out projectN95 for some free respirators.

  28. Nine million a year die from air pollution!

  29. I have however found cowardly excuses, ignorance, malicious obfuscation, many a toddleresque tantrum, and a ton of reasons to get and stay serious about high quality fitted face respirators.

  30. If you’d like a taste, head on over to the astroturfed I spent a day of my life reading this shit so you don’t have to – but the dissection is still a useful discursive exercise. You have to know all the arguments from every side if you wanna build a science concept.

    The strategy with this kind of disinformation datadump seems to be to sponsor a bunch of methodologically incompatible (and pointless) RCTs that are compromized by trying to verify a (political) a priori instead of falsify a hypothesis, highlight the verification of the irrelevant starting assumptions (while ignoring that the results all indicate that masks work, just not as well as a hypothetical perfect laboratory scenario), and bundle it all into a shitty meta-study framework to overwhelm people with what appears to be at first glance a solid consensus. It dissolves under the slightest scrutiny but minimizers don’t scrutinize sources that tell them what they want to hear.

  31. The reduction of facial information adds another layer to direct interpersonal relations. It creates a surplus along with the lack! The increased effort it takes to communicate is also beneficial.

  32. while our failed governments sit on their hands, huffing minimizer farts,

  33. The RATs can give false negatives for the first few days of an infection.

  34. Especially from those not taking any precautions.

  35. This is just good anti-pathogen practice, which is why I’m mentioning it – but I also have to emphasize that covid is airborne and thus hand sanitizing doesn’t do a whole lot to stop you from getting it.

  36. It is not, nor will it ever be in big pharmas interests to create vaccines that kill people deliberately. Sorry conspirators – you don’t have a class analysis and it shows. The vaccines are for the ruling classes and their lackeys. They have to minimally work or the transnational capitalists would have to pay attention to the plague instead of ignoring it. Also – the vaccines had over 20 years of development time! And like – even if Malthusian depopulation is always a part of the ruling class agenda, why would they go to the effort of a public vaccine push when there’s already an airborne BSL-3 biohazard doing it for free?

    Ugh, dismantling anti-vaxxer bullshit is extremely necessary but it’s also another rabbit hole that’s too deep for the scope of this piece. Needless to say these people are dropping like flies while desperately clinging to their disinformation bubbles.

  37. They conceivably could have been if they had been deployed rapidly enough, enough people had taken them – and we had kept rigorous #zerocovid protocols until the job was done, but there was never any reason to think they were gonna do it by themselves. Oops!

  38. Enjoy!

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