PostHolocene Prerequisites for Historical Survival

Historical survival necessitates:

  • The immediate removal from power of capitalist classes everywhere.
  • An immediate shutdown of all economic activity non-essential for survival.
  • An immediate cap on population and a plan to reduce it (slowly, over time, with birth limits, contraception, abortion, etc).
  • An immediate cap on individual exergetic dissipation and the destruction of any technology that could break that limit.
  • A total overhaul of agricultural, energy, and transportation systems.
  • A redesign of the division of labor towards positive reterraformation. The structure would be scientifically planned, individual participation/rotation with as much voluntary agency as possible (but mandatory generalist rotations still a must).
  • A plan to eradicate SARS-CoV2 forever. Humans cannot co-exist with this virus.

These are the most basic minimum conditions necessary for human civilization to be anything more than a death march into oblivion. Ultimately the entire human project needs to be ‘degrowthed’ by ~50%+ (likely a lot more), and run on maximally de-fossilized energy sources fueling new long term infrastructure and a decommodified, planned eco-socialist division of labor. Only mobilized climate war command economies could ever hope to approach attempting these goals. If we do none of these – then this isn’t a civilization at all, it’s an overshoot dieoff.

If we do all of them – maybe we’d have a shot.

So, y’know – it’s #ecosocialism or extinction.

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