The Prime Directive

Act only in such a way that the effects of your actions can be reconciled with the permanence of true human life on earth.

Hans Jonas

And there’s absolutely no way to do this within capitalist social relations. Every decision any one of us can make in commodified spaces is violence. Each second we reproduce capitalist social relations we’re eating our own future. There are only two options left for civilization: eco-socialist overhaul, or collapse.

The longer we reproduce capitalist relations, the more likely it is that collapse = extinction.

So – it’s eco-socialism or extinction!

We have to stop reifying exchange-value and do something else.

Regardless – whatever future you thought you had is a dream,

this civilization is finished,

and the time of Homo-Economicus is over.

We are all already climate refugees –

the only home we have now is together.

While writing here I am assuming that the above is contingently true, even if it’s also too late or ultimately impossible. By starting from the communist exigency/impossibility as the defining contradiction of our times, I give myself the space to inhabit and write the critical discourse on this site. I am publically hosting it, because I consider this site (and the public use of reason) to be a necesssary social obligation for an organic working class intellectual like myself.

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